Hanoi: Institute on Policy, Law and Development Viet Nam (PLD Viet Nam), 2011. 132 p.
Institute on Policy, Law and Development Viet Nam (PLD Viet Nam)
This manual is intended to be used primarily to train about the rights of people living with HIV (PLHIV), people affected by HIV and key affected populations as well as about the remedies available to protect those rights in Viet Nam. It includes basic information about HIV and AIDS; the rights and obligations of PLHIV; the rights of woman and children living with HIV; the right of PLHIV to be educated, work, receive health care, HIV counselling and testing and the right to privacy; on the prohibition of stigma and discrimination relating to HIV and AIDS; and the mechanisms available to address rights violations of PLHIV. This manual is easy to use through the inclusion of real cases and interactive teaching methods, such as role-plays, presentations and mock interviews which are designed to impart the specific information contained in each topic.
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