Abuja: United States Agency for International Development, USAID, Family Health International, FHI, Global HIV/AIDS Initiative Nigeria, GHAIN, Nigerians and Americans in Partnership to Fight HIV/AIDS, 2007. 96 p.
Global HIV/AIDS Initiative Nigeria, GHAIN
Family Health International, FHI
The manual provides information to protect and defend orphans, vulnerable children and other affected by HIV from a legal and cultural perspective, instead of developing the subject around health or sexuality.
Legal Education and Will Writing. For the Support of Orphans and Vulnerable Children, Persons Living with HIV and other Persons Affected by HIV. Facilitator's Guide, is a manual developed by the project Global HIV/AIDS Initiative Nigeria funded by USAID and coordinated by Family Health International in Nigeria. The manual presents the basic facts contained in the Nigerian Constitution, the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women and the Child's Right Act 2003, and provides practical tips on will writing. It promotes community awareness about fundamental rights and on the importance to defend the rights of all individuals irrespective of age, gender, class and health status. The document also provides a road map on how to harness critical resources in the community to defend the rights of orphans, widows and other vulnerable persons. This training manual has been developed to encourage succession planning through will writing. First, the objective is to train those who are capable of influencing behavior and to facilitate the creation of legal support structures in the communities where affected children and families live (civil society organizations (CSOs), caregivers and guardians of young children, older orphans and vulnerable children, community leaders and other adults and custodians of culture and tradition.) The second aim is to create awareness on fundamental human rights, especially child rights, build skills in will writing, and on how to mobilize community support for legal education and will writing. Finally, the hope is that the manual will encourage CSOs to bring discrimination and other legal abuses to the attention of human rights organizations such as International Federation of Women Lawyers, National Human Rights Commission, Legal Aid Council, and Citizens' Rights Mediation Centre.
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