National AIDS Commission, UNAIDS, 2009. 70 p.
Lesotho. National AIDS Commission
The National AIDS Spending Assessment (NASA) is a tool designed to track the HIV and AIDS financial flows and actual expenditure at a country level. In essence, this systematic methodology captures all HIV expenditures, namely, health and non-health expenditures such as social mitigation, education, labour, justice and sectors related to HIV and AIDS. The overall goal of NASA is to contribute to the strengthening of comprehensive tracking of actual spending (from international/external and public sources) that comprises the national response to HIV and AIDS in Lesotho, to leverage both technical and financial support for the development, implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation of the national response. Specific objectives of the assessment are: To identify and measure all domestic/public and international/external expenditure on HIV and AIDS in Lesotho for the years of assessment, and to present these according to the thematic AIDS Spending Categories; To build the capacity of NAC NASA research team to undertake the NASA; To develop tools and systems for tracking of resources for all implementers on an ongoing basis within NAC; To catalyze and facilitate actions which strengthen and institutionalize country level tracking of expenditure, and co-ordination by NAC; To synthesize this data into strategic information products to inform decision-making.
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