Bangkok: PROAP, 2001. 293 p.
UNESCO Office Bangkok and Regional Bureau for Education in Asia and the Pacific, PROAP. Regional Clearing House on Population Education and Communication
Information repackaging series, 1
Contents:-Part one: Self-awareness, assertiveness and negotiating, no. 1.1. Self awareness; no. 1.2. Self-awareness: building self image; no. 1.3. Designing asset building strategies for girls; no. 1.4. Communicating assertively; no. 1.5. Molest as a sexual crime.-Part two: Communication, no. 2.1. Verbal and non-verbal messages; no. 2.2. How well do I communicate with others? no. 2.3. Family communication; no. 2.4. Communicating with parents; no. 2.5. Youth language; no. 2.6. Tell a story; no. 2.7. Don't keep secrets; no. 2.8. Good feelings.-Part three: Decision making, no. 3.1. Introduction to decision making; no. 3.2. Decision-making; Taking chances; no. 3.3. Understanding risk; no. 3.4. This is me.-Part four: Values clarification, no. 4.1. What are my personal, family and community values? no. 4.2. Me and my values; no. 4.3. Values and decisions; no. 4.4. Values inventory and ranking; no. 4.5. Talking about sexuality and values;no. 4.6. Teenage pregnancy: the choices.-Part five: Goal setting and career planning, no. 5.1. What are my goals? no. 5.2. Goal setting and decision making; no.5.3. Career planning
The package contains lessons on five main areas of life skills that adolescents would need to develop in order to gain positive and adaptive behaviours that help them make decisions and manage the challenges of their lives concerning their reproductive and sexual lives. The five main sections of the package are: Self-awareness, assertiveness and negotiating; Communication; Decision-making; Values clarification; and Global setting and Career planning. The package is meant for teachers and trainers who also need to develop adequate knowledge and skills on how to teach students how to acquire life skills in their reproductive and sexual lives.
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