Georgetown: Guyana. Ministry of Education, 2003. 18 p.
Guyana. Ministry of education
This document is part of a set of manuals to provide teachers with an integrated and consistent approach to the application of values education, and to develop a Life Skills, Health and Family Life Education, Guidance and Citizenship curriculum using the five themes of: Education, Family, Health, Human Right and Human Sexuality (from grade 1 to grade 9). This document has been appraised by IBE. It is available in the PDF enclosed or on IBE website:
"Life Skills, Health & Family Life and Citizenship Education, Curriculum Guide for Grade 9, Draft" is a guide edited by the Ministry of Education of Guyana in collaboration with UNICEF in 2003. It is a draft document to support the teaching and learning of this critical area of the curriculum. This document can serve as a focal point for departmental and regional sub-committee meetings, where methodologies and strategies for both teaching and assessing are deliberated on. It has a direct focus on an integrated approach to curriculum delivery, in which the teacher is not unduly restricted by the subject content. The list of references should provide teachers with the relevant background for curriculum.
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