Lusaka: CARE International in Zambia, 1999. 88 p.
Shah, Meera Kaul
Zambezi, Rose
Simasiku, Mary
Focus tool series 1
This guide provides step-by-step information on designing a participatory appraisal with adolescents to analyze their sexual and reproductive health-related concerns, and on using participatory learning and action (PLA) tools for this analysis. It also discusses the process of data analysis and documentation. Chapter 2 explains the definition and key principles of the PLA methodology and a brief history of its evolution. Chapter 3 details the preparation required before carrying out fieldwork. Chapter 4 describes a number of PLA methods that can be used for participatory appraisals. Each method is accompanied by examples of applications in the field. Chapter 5 discusses documentation in the field, analysis of information generated, and preparation of synthesis reports. Chapter 6 describes how PLA is used in Zambia to create an adolescent reproductive health intervention, the Partnership for Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (PALS) project.
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