Bangkok: UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Project, 2001. 30 p.
Hollertz, Victoria
The Mae Chan community response to HIV/AIDS has been chosen and documented by the United Nations Joint Programme on AIDS as a "good practice" example. To bring the objectives of the UNAIDS' "good practice""documentation one step further, the UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Project (UNDP-SEAHIV) in collaboration with UNAIDS-APICT, organized a training workshop in Mae Chan from 20 to 22 November 2000. Health-care workers, social welfare employees, school teachers, monks, local government officials and communities were invited to participate in learning about this holistic approach to mobilize communities towards HIV prevention and care. This report is a record of the proceedings from the "Mae Chan Workshop on integrated community mobilization towards effective multisectoral HIV/AIDS prevention and care". The report concludes that the integration of prevention, care and community participation with good governance is critical. Good governance by community leaders is vital. It is important to build HIV/AIDS responses based on traditional family values. Working together in rural communities is of great value to create relationships of mutual trust and confidence. The Mae Chan experience shows how communities are capable of taking care of their own people.
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