2002. 19 p.
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit, GTZ
Written for both country level policy makers and practitioners and international agencies, this document builds on the recent and increasing level of attention given to HIV/AIDS mainstreaming, and is presented in five sections. The introduction and background presents the origins and development of the mainstreaming concept and highlights the operational differences between mainstreaming and what is termed integration. The second section identifies the multiple levels at which mainstreaming for HIV/AIDS may take place and introduces the focus of this document, mainstreaming at the sector and sub-national levels. Section three sets out the emerging principles of mainstreaming to facilitate further implementation. Current experience in the area of mainstreaming is presented in section four to illustrate some practical benefits of adopting mainstreaming principles and the present level of understanding of mainstreaming implementation. The final section looks forward and draws priority lessons and caveats for realistically and effectively undertaking mainstreaming.Finally, the document is written for those committed to making a difference in the fight against HIV and AIDS. It document crystallises the present thinking surrounding Mainstreaming HIV/AIDS derived from the experiences of experts in strategic planning and management of HIV/AIDS.
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