New-York: 2009. 29 p.
Childs Graham, Ariana
Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, SIECUS
In 2008, SIECUS staff traveled to Zambia with partners from Population Action International to meet directly with those who shape how PEPFAR's mandate is interpreted on the ground and those who experience the impact of that interpretation. In seeking out interviews and site visits in Zambia, the auhors cast the net broadly in order to capture the fullest picture of the programs being carried out so far from Washington where PEPFAR was conceived; they met with PEPFAR grantees and non-PEPFAR funded HIV/AIDS program implementers, representatives from secular and faith-based organizations (FBOs), human rights activists, community leaders, peer educators, program participants, medical professionals, advocates, policymakers, officials from bilateral agencies, and religious and community leaders. They pulled together all of the valuable information and insights these individuals and visits provided into this case study on HIV prevention in Zambia. The central theme revealed by their research and thus the focus of this study is the narrow vision of prevention and the structural obstacles which have had a harmful impact on the country's ability to effectively prevent HIV transmission.
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