Putrajaya: Ministry of Health, 2011. 64 p.
Malaysia. Ministry of Health
The goals of the Malaysian NSP 2011 - 2015, are: 1. To prevent and reduce the risk and spread of HIV infection; 2. Improve the quality of life of People Living with HIV; 3. Reduce the social and economic impact resulting from HIV and AIDS on the individual, family and society. The specific objectives of the NSP2011-2015 are: 1. To further reduce by 50% the number of new HIV infections by scaling up, improving upon and initiating new and current targeted and evidence based comprehensive prevention interventions; 2. To increase coverage and quality of care, treatment and support for People Living with HIV and those affected; 3. To alleviate the socioeconomic and human impact of AIDS on the individual, family, community and society; 4. To create and maintain a conducive and enabling environment for government and civil society to play meaningful and active roles in decreasing stigma and discrimination; 5. To further increase general awareness and knowledge of HIV, and reduce risk behaviour for at risk and vulnerable populations. These objectives can only be meaningfully achieved and sustained under the commitments to UA and MDG after programmes worked towards achieving 80% service coverage among most at risk populations where 60% practice safe behaviours. To achieve these objectives, the NSP has adopted the following multisectoral strategies which provided an appropriate balance between prevention, treatment, care and support, namely: Strategy 1 - Improving the quality and coverage of prevention programmes among most at risk and vulnerable populations; Strategy 2 - Improving the quality and coverage of testing and treatment; Strategy 3 - Increasing the access and availability of care, support and social impact mitigation programmes for People Living with HIV and those affected; Strategy 4 - Maintaining and improving an enabling environment for HIV prevention, treatment, care and support; Strategy 5 - Increasing the availability and quality of strategic information and its use by policymakers and programme planners through monitoring, evaluation and research.
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