Government of Malaysia, 2006. 23 p.
Malaysia. Government
A successful response to the epidemic requires strong political commitment and leadership at the highest level.The new National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS 2006-2010 (NSP) will provide the basis for coordinating the work of all partners. It will adopt an approach integrating prevention, treatment and care, and reducing the impact of the epidemic. The NSP will continue to focus on providing an appropriate balance between prevention, treatment and care. The priority focus areas are: Strengthening leadership and advocacy Training and capacity enhancement Reducing HIV vulnerability among injecting drug users and their partners Reducing HIV vulnerability among women, young people and children Reducing HIV vulnerability among marginalised and vulnerable populations Improving access to diagnostics, treatment and care In striving to achieve these priorities, the Government will expand its partnership with Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs), religious leaders, business and community groups. The NSP will strengthen the capacity of the Government to deliver effective interventions. The successful implementation of the NSP will require a significant increase in the current level of resources allocated to respond to the epidemic. It is proposed that a fund be set up to supplement present budget allocations. The funds would be used as a start up to attract relevant external funders. In adopting the NSP, the Government of Malaysia has shown a strong commitment to address HIV/AIDS as a national agenda and to drive an expanded, multi-sectoral and well resourced responses.
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