Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian AIDS Council, 2008. 69 p.
Malaysian AIDS Council
In 2007, in response to the government's National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS and the increased burden of the epidemic, Malaysian AIDS Council formulated its own Strategic Plan to provide clear directions for the organisation to scale up and to effectively respond to the new challenges in line with the government's National Strategic Plan on HIV/AIDS. Eight strategies have been developed. MAC Strategy 1: Strengthening Leadership and Advocacy on HIV/AIDS. MAC Strategy 2: Training and Capacity Enhancement. MAC Strategy 3: Reducing HIV Vulnerability and Improving Quality of Life of Injecting Drug Users and Their Partners. MAC Strategy 4: Reducing HIV Vulnerability among Women Living with HIV, Female Partners of Injecting Drug Users and Women in General Population. MAC Strategy 5: Reducing HIV Vulnerability and Infection among Young People (age 15-24) and Creating a Supportive Environment for HIV Prevention for Youth. MAC Strategy 6: Reducing HIV Vulnerability among Men Who Have Sex with Men. MAC Strategy 7: Reducing HIV Vulnerability among Sex Workers and Transsexuals with Community Empowerment. MAC Strategy 8: Improving the Quality of Life of People Living with HIV Through Improving Access to Treatment, Care and Support.
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