Anh Ngo, Duc
Ross, Michael W.
Phan, Ha
Ratliff, Eric A.
Trinh, Thang
Sherburne, Lisa
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AIDS Education and Prevention, 21(3), 251-265
This qualitative study examines local identities, relationships, and sexual practices among young MSM aged 15-24 in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam. The analyses were based on 26 in-depth interviews and 10 focus group discussions with young MSM recruited through public place intercepts and cruising areas. The report documents the linguistic classification, sexual relationships and behaviors, identity and process of homosexual identification, and the potential linkage between sexual identity and sexual behaviors of MSM in Vietnam. It also highlights the stages of homosexual community development in urban Vietnam and important differences between Vietnam and the West in the representation of homosexual identity, relationships, and practices. It is suggested that the continuing development and elaboration of a homosexual community in these two cities offers significant opportunities for targeted HIV/AIDS prevention activities in the Vietnamese MSM population.
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