Pretoria: South Africa. Department of Public Service and Administration, 2002. 158 p.
Barrett Grant, Kitty
Strode, Ann
Smart, Rose
South Africa. Department of Public Service and Administration
This guide was developed as a practical and user-friendly resource to assist government departments to plan, implement and monitor appropriate and effective responses to HIV/AIDS within the Public Service working environment. The objectives of the guide are to:Contextualise the HIV/AIDS epidemic within the country as a whole, and within the Public Service in particular;Identify key challenges to the Public Service in the context of HIV/AIDS;Assist departments to plan, develop, implement and maintain HIV/AIDS workplace policies and programmes within a human rights and gender framework;Provide practical guidance and information to departments on managing the HIV/AIDS epidemic; andPromote the application of the Minimum Standards on HIV/AIDS as contained in the amended Public Service Regulations, 2001.
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