Beijing: UNAIDS, 2009. 85 p.
A mid-term assessment of the UN Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS for 2007-2010 was undertaken between 17 November and 12 December 2008. The assessment was to: Assess the status of the two-year work plan, the UNJP framework and functioning of the Joint UN Team on AIDS using the UNAIDS assessment tool among other things. Identify and document elements of the programme that have performed well and should be retained, together with those that should be dropped from the forward programme. Review the experiences of agencies in supporting the implementation of the Global Fund grants and suggest approaches for the UN to meaningfully contribute to grant implementation and the national action plan in general. Review the framework, work plan and implementation guideline of the UNJP on AIDS in China and propose modifications to outputs, activities and indicators to achieve a strong results-orientated approach for the 2009-2010 work plan. Following an assessment of the reporting by agencies on their components of the Joint Programme, meetings were held with individual agencies to clarify aspects of their contributions, gain perspectives on challenges and opportunities, and to identify key strategic issues for the forward programme.
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