2004. 60 p.
Barrett Grant, Kitty
Görgens, Marelize
Kinghorn, Anthony
Health and Development Africa (Pty) Ltd
Mobile Task Team on the Impact of HIV/AIDS on Education, MTT
Infected service providers feel the impact of HIV and AIDS directly. However, many more providers experience the impact of HIV and AIDS amongst their colleagues and families. Many also experience the impact of HIV and AIDS on the services they are able to provide and the needs of people they serve. DFID commissioned this rapid assessment of strategies to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS on service providers in order to guide DFID strategy. However, other international partners also wish to obtain similar information, and the assessment was also supported by USAID through the Mobile Task Team on the Impact of HIV/AIDS on Education (MTT). The objectives of the study were to: 1) record strategies or interventions to mitigate the impacts of HIV/AIDS on service providers, and 2) improve understanding of which interventions have been successful or unsuccessful, and key factors that may explain successes and difficulties. Key sectors that were considered were the public service, health, welfare, education, agriculture, local government and uniformed services. The main focus was on resource-constrained countries in Africa and Asia. The investigation sought examples of formal and informal strategies, as well as public and non-state service providers' experience. The report is intended to feed into the development of DFID's Global HIV Strategy, as well as inform sectoral advisers, public sector reform initiatives, and dialogue with other development agencies.
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