Ulaanbaatar: Mongolia Joint United Nations Programme on AIDS, 2012. 30 p.
UNAIDS Mongolia
This report provides an overview of the work of the UNTG on AIDS between 2007 and 2011, highlighting the key achievements in the various areas of UN work in HIV/AIDS in Mongolia. Major achievements are creating closer collaboration and cooperation between UN agencies and across various bodies involved in the national response, including government, non-government, civil society and health care providers; mobilising resources to assist with the implementation the Mongolian National Strategic Plan on HIV, AIDS and STIs, 2010 – 2015 and creating an enabling environment through the provision of technical advice, advocacy and other support to effect change to national policies, laws and health services in order to provide an enhanced response to HIV/AIDS in Mongolia. The report presents the background about HIV/AIDS in Mongolia, the national response and how it is coordinated, as well as the specific role and key achievements of the UNTG on AIDS across the reporting period. This report concludes with recommendations on coordination, programming and strategic planning. As a founding member and a cosponsor of UNAIDS, UNESCO supports responses to HIV & AIDS that are inclusive and sensitive to the needs and issues of all of the population, but with particular attention to key populations especially those vulnerable to HIV and young people in school settings. It also supports responses that are gender and age responsive, culturally appropriate, evidence-informed and grounded in human rights, and that involve people living with HIV and other vulnerable populations.
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