National AIDS Council, 2006. 72 p.
Zimbabwe. National AIDS Council
The National M&E Plan is aligned with the strategic priority areas of the ZNASP. The overall goal of the national M&E plan is to provide a systematic approach to tracking activities related to the ZNASP strategic areas. The plan articulates, by program area, details of what information is needed including: indicators, data sources, data collection methods, data flow, data analysis, data use and reporting, and feedback as well as the responsibilities of implementing partners and stakeholders. It outlines strategies for developing M&E capacity in terms of human, material and financial resources. It also includes a detailed costed Annual Action Plan. The objectives of the plan are to assist NAC, implementing partners, and stakeholders to: Guide policy and planning of the national response; Strengthen coordination of all partners and stakeholders working in the area of HIV and AIDS; Monitor effectiveness of programs; Facilitate data dissemination among implementing partners and stakeholders; Guide Resource Mobilization.
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