Washington D.C.: Development Connections, DVCN, 2008. 74 p.
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La múltiples caras de las intersecciones entre el VIH y la violencia contra las mujeres
Remenyi, María Antonia
Samson, Anda
Picasso, Nizarindandi
Aranda, Florencia
Leskeviciu, Carlos Güidas
Galán, Silvia
Bilevich de Gastrón, Liliana
López, Jenny
Ojeda, Teresa
Development Connections, DVCN
Pan American Health Organization, PAHO
Inter-American Commission of Women
Latin American and Caribbean Women's Health Network
Violence against women (VAW) and the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) represent two profound problems for development and health. Development Connections, with the support of the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), is implementing an initiative focused on strengthening capacities to further this goal through: a) the creation of a community of practices on the integration of VAW and HIV policies and programs, and b) the design of a manual including the scientific evidence available, best practices and tools for the integration of policies and programs. In this context, several authors from various disciplines have produced the articles included in this publication, which analyze conceptual as well as specific aspects of the linkages between HIV and VAW in diverse population groups and contexts. Section I presents three articles, addressing different aspects of the conceptual framework of the intersections between HIV and VAW. Section II touches on the conditions and needs of specific population groups. In Section III, two specific contexts are examined in which HIV and VAW are linked: migration and natural disasters.
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