National AIDS Commission, 2007. 62 p.
Indonesia. National AIDS Commission
The objectives of the HIV and AIDS Response are:To provide and disseminate information on HIV and AIDS, and to foster a conducive climate for HIV and AIDS prevention efforts, with the focus being placed on high-risk behavior and environments, while at the same time having regard to other subpopulations in society; To provide and improve the quality of treatment, medical, and support services to people living with HIV, and to integrate these services with the HIV and AIDS prevention effortTo increase the roles played by teenagers, women, families, the public at large, including people living with HIV, in the HIV and AIDS responseTo develop and improve partnerships between the government and civil society, including NGOs, the private sector, the business community, professional organizations, and international partners at the center and in the regions so as to heighten the national response to HIV and AIDS; To improve policy coordination in the HIV and AIDS response and prevention effort at the national and local levels.In order to achieve the above objectives, the following strategies have been adopted:Promoting and expanding tried and tested prevention methods, and assessing new methods; Empowering individuals, families and communities to prevent the spread of HIV in their environments; Strengthening the basic healthcare and referral systems so as to anticipate an increase in the number of people living with HIV requiring access to treatment and medication; Strengthening the capacity of those involved in the HIV and AIDS response at both the center and in the provinces through continuing education and training; Increasing research and survey efforts so as to obtain accurate data on the progress of the HIV and AIDS response and prevention effort; Improving national HIV and AIDS monitoring capacity; Mobilizing resources and harmonizing their use at all levels
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