National AIDS Control Organization, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, 2006. 244 p.
India. National AIDS Control Organisation
India. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
The primary goal of NACP-III is to halt and reverse the epidemic in India over the next 5 years by integrating programmes for prevention, care, support and treatment. This will be achieved through four stages, namely:1. Prevention of new infections in high risk groups and general population through:a. Saturation of coverage of high risk groups with targeted interventions (TIs), andb. Scaled up interventions in the general population.2. Providing greater care, support and treatment to a larger number of people living with HIV/AIDS.3. Strengthening the infrastructure, systems and human resources in prevention, care, support and treatment programmes at the district, state and national levels. 4. Strengthening a nation-wide Strategic Information Management System.The specific objective of the above strategy is to reduce new infections as estimated in year 1 of the programme by:· Sixty per cent (60%) in high prevalence states so as to obtain the reversal of the epidemic; and· Forty per cent (40%) in the vulnerable states so as to stabilize the epidemic.
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