Kathmandu: NASC, 2013. 94 p.
Nepal. Ministry of Health and Population, National Center for AIDS and STD Control
Updated November 2013
The objectives of the National Monitoring and Evaluation Guidelines are to: set as standard of the national M&E systems, tool and approaches at all levels for all by complying to established policies and ensuring quality of the strategic information products generated for evidence and informed policy reforms and advocacy; provide guidance to all relevant stakeholders on M&E roles and functions while supporting the national response to HIV in Nepal; guide users on data flow, data sources, data collection, analysis, reporting, strategic information products, and use of information for measuring the performance and improving the interventions; guide to address the key questions of the national response: Are we doing the right things (Quality)?, Are we doing them right (Effectiveness)?, Are we doing them on a scale that is large enough (Coverage), Are we making a difference (Outcome/Impact)? The users of this guideline are all stakeholders that are engaged in HIV and STI related interventions in the country at local, district, regional and national levels. They include Programme managers and implementers in the government, non-government organizations, and private sectors; Policy makers and programme designers; Researchers and evaluators; External development partners (EDPs).
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