2010. 37 p.
Saint Lucia. National AIDS Programme Secretariat
The purpose of the St. Lucia National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan (NSP) 2010-2015 is to guide the management and implementation of the national AIDS response, highlighting priorities for the allocation of financial and technical resources. The plan builds upon the NSP 2005-2009. It has been developed based on an assessment of the available evidence about the epidemic, the factors that influence the transmission of HIV in the country, and lessons of past implementation experience. A series of broad-based stakeholder consultations and existing national documentation provided invaluable information, followed by further refinement of the proposed priorities and related interventions. The strategy proposes a two-phase approach due to the fact that epidemiological and behavioral data are limited and do not provide a sufficiently-strong foundation on which to design effective targeted prevention interventions. Thus the first phase, outlined in the present document, focuses on strengthening the evidence base as a precursor to further prevention planning. It also includes continuing critical interventions (in particular, program coordination and management; treatment, care and support; and targeted prevention work). Once there is a better understanding of the epidemic, stakeholders will review the new evidence and elaborate a well-targeted prevention plan for the remaining three years of the strategic plan period.
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