National AIDS Commission, 2011.
Lesotho. National AIDS Commission
Draft document Ver-2 (10/3/2011)
The National Strategic Plan has been developed to: Provide a strategic framework that will guide and inform the planning, coordination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the national multisectoral and decentralised HIV and AIDS response based on the three-ones principle, evidence and results based management, gender and human rights approaches; Articulate national priorities, results and targets that all stakeholders and partners will contribute towards; Provide the basis for consolidating strategic partnerships and alliances especially with civil society organisations and the private sector; Establish the foundations for Lesotho to move towards HIV and AIDS financial and services sustainability. Priorities for the NSP include: To accelerate and intensify HIV prevention in order to reduce new annual HIV infections by 30% by 2015/16; To scale up universal access to comprehensive and quality treatment, care and support; To strengthen coping mechanisms for vulnerable individuals, groups and households; To improve the efficiency and effectiveness of coordination and management of the national multisectoral HIV and AIDS response i.e. "doing better and more of the rights things at the right time and scale".
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