Palau. Government, 2013. 31 p.
Palau. Government
The goal of the Palau National HIV and other STIs Strategic Plan 2009-2013 is to reduce HIV and other STI transmission and minimize the impact of infections on individuals, families and the community. The Plan reflects a vision of a future where the people of Palau are informed about HIV and STIs; people access and use affordable and available services in prevention, care and support; people take action to protect themselves, while embracing people living with and affected by HIV; and there is strong leadership that mobilizes resources, aligns efforts, and promotes multi-sectoral partnerships where HIV Positive people are involved. The Strategy is to be implemented in ways which demonstrate, respect and promote the Palauan culture, faith and moral values. The Strategy defines eight Focus Areas, with corresponding objectives [outcomes], strategies and key actions. These eight Focus Areas include: Prevention, Treatment, Care and Support; Leadership & Coordination; Supportive Environment; Partnerships; Strategic Information; and Mobilising Resources.
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