Solomon Islands Government, 2005. 81 p.
Solomon Islands. Government
Solomon Islands. National AIDS Council
This revised National HIV Policy and Multi-sectoral Strategic Plan 2005-2010 provides the policy direction framework and multi-sectoral strategies, which forms the basis of the operational plans of all stakeholders. The key result areas of the policy and multisectoral plan are: 1. Reduction of risks and Vulnerability to HIV and other STIs; 2. Increasing access to Screening and strengthening Confidentiality in services; 3. Establishing, expanding and strengthening STI/HIV Surveillance, and the continuum of treatment and care; 4. Capacity building of the health system, as well as NGOs, Churches and CBOs to effectively and efficiently implement HIV programs and activities, which ensures integration of prevention and care; 5. Sustainable development to enable environment for behavioral change, de- stigmatisation, and against discrimination impacting on prevention and care.
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