Freetown: National AIDS Secretariat, 2012.
Sierra Leone. National AIDS Secretariat
In line with the National Strategic Plan on HIV 2011-2015, the goal of the Prevention Strategy is to: Provide strategic guidance for implementing the HIV prevention and behaviour change programmes and to increase the effectiveness, coordination and comprehensiveness of HIV prevention and behaviour change interventions in Sierra Leone by 2015. The key objectives of the Strategy are to: i. Reduce the sexual transmission of HIV; ii. Increase the number of people accessing HCT services; iii. Reduce the vertical transmission of HIV during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding (work towards virtual elimination by 2015); iv. Increase the implementation and effectiveness of behaviour change communication on HIV prevention; v. Increase the number of couples who disclose their status to their partners; vi. Increase the number of MARPS adopting safe behaviour (and accessing specific risk reduction services for MARPS); vii. Increase the number of people adopting safer sexual behaviour; viii. Increase number of people accessing quality treatment of STIs; ix. Reduce the biomedical transmission of HIV; x. Increase the integration of sexual reproductive health and HIV services.
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