NACA, 2014. 84 p.
Nigeria. National Agency for the Control of AIDS, NACA
This National Prevention Plan 2014-2015, is the third in the series of developing national prevention plans. This plan provides strategic direction and guidance for HIV programming in Nigeria. It has been informed by the expanded evidence-base (including NARHS 2013, epidemic appraisals, findings of the mid-term review of the National Strategic Plan for HIV/AIDS and other studies undertaken at the regional and state levels). The goal of this Plan (NPP 2014-2015) is to scale up evidence-based programming using targeted interventions and standardized intervention packages at scale. The objectives are to: promote and scale up HCT (client and provider initiated HCT) especially targeting high risk groups and use of a mix of delivery approach including community-based service models; promote and scale up interventions for PMTCT, early infant diagnosis; promote dual protection benefits of condoms (male and female condoms, and lubricants); prevent biomedical transmission through blood safety, injection safety, safe healthcare waste management, adherence to universal precautions, safe male circumcision, post-exposure prophylaxis, early diagnosis and treatment of STIs; and promote the integration of HIV prevention programmes with other health services (TB/HIV, SRH/HIV, MNCH, etc.)
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