Colombo: Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition, 2007. 32 p.
Sri Lanka. Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition, National STD and AIDS Control Programme
The overall goal of the NSP is to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS on the social development of the country. The national goals are 1) to maintain the low HIV prevalence among most-at-risk-populations (MARP) and the general population; and 2) to increase the quality of life of those already infected. The NSP has 6 strategies to achieve these goals. The two core strategies are: 1. Increased coverage and quality of prevention interventions; 2. Increased coverage and quality of care, support and treatment intervention. To support the above, the four additional strategies are: 3. Improved generation and use of information for planning and policy development; 4. Increased involvement of relevant sectors and levels of government in the response; 5. More supportive public policy and legal environment for HIV/AIDS control; 6. Improved management and coordination of the response.
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