2005. 78 p.
UNAIDS Regional Support Team
Final draft
This National HIV/AIDS/STI M&E Framework has been formulated for all stakeholders involved in the HIV/AIDS/STI response in Eritrea. This includes all government Ministries, development agencies, non-governmental organisations and the private sector that are funding, implementing, or benefiting from HIV/AIDS/STI services. The National HIV/AIDS/STI M&E Framework will also include research agencies that are interested in undertaking HIV/AIDS/STI research in Eritrea, as well as potential new stakeholders that are interested in being involved in future. The purpose of this documents is to: a) Give an overview of the HIV response in Eritrea, so as to understand the operational environment within which the national HIV/AIDS/STI M&E Framework will be operationalised (see Chapter 1); b) Provide a situational overview of the HIV/AIDS/STI M&E situation in Eritrea, so as to define the priority areas of focus for the national HIV/AIDS/STI M&E Framework (Chapter 2); c) Define all components (indicators, data sources, information products and dissemination to stakeholders) of the national HIV/AIDS/STI M&E System (Chapters 3, 4, 5, and 6); d) Outline what management structures and processes are needed for the national HIV/AIDS/STI M&E system to be fully functional, and describe the way in which the national HIV/AIDS/STI M&E system will be operationalised (Chapter 7).
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