Bangkok: National AIDS Management Center, 2010. 120 p.
Thailand. Ministry of Public Health, Department of Disease Control, National AIDS Management Center
The National Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for HIV Prevention Targeting Most-At-Risk Populations and Migrant Workers provides a unified and harmonized monitoring and evaluation system for Thailand. It follows the principle of the Three Ones: one agreed HIV/AIDS action framework that provides the basis for coordinating the work of all partners; one national AIDS coordinating authority, with a broad based multi-sector mandate; and one agreed HIV country-level monitoring and evaluation system. The Plan sets out a system to monitor the Royal Thai Government’s national strategy for HIV prevention for most-at risk populations, including the activities of the principal recipients and sub- recipients of the Round 8 Global Fund project. While considerable progress has been made in establishing strong monitoring and evaluation systems for these efforts, there is also a need to link systems from various implementers to bring together important information from various sources in one integrated and comprehensive national M&E system. The Plan will provide a road map for all those implementing HIV prevention programs for MARPs and migrant workers in Thailand.
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