2008. 91 p.
Belize. National AIDS Commission
As of 2008, Belize had the highest HIV seroprevalence rate in Central America (2.4%) and the third highest rate in the Caribbean region (National AIDS Commission 2006:11). The Belize epidemic is characterized by heterosexual transmission (71% of cases). The national HIV/AIDS response is multi-sectoral in its approach and is guided by the National Strategic Plan (NSP) 2006-2011. This Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan describes the approach and system developed to assess progress and impact of the overall strategic objectives of the National Strategic Plan (NSP) for Belize 2006-2011. Information from the M&E system will measure the extent to which activities contribute to achievement of the results described in the M&E framework. The M&E framework presents the results that the NSP expects to achieve in the specific priority areas.
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