Prime Minister's Office, 2009. 63 p.
Tanzania UR. Prime Minister's Office
The NMSF II's HIV Prevention Strategic Objectives: 1. Empower young people with knowledge and skills to dialogue about sexuality; adopt attitudes and practices that protect against HIV infection. 2. Reduce risk of infection among those most vulnerable due to gender inequality, sexual abuse, and socio-cultural factors. 3. Increase the proportion of public, private, and informal sector enterprises developing and implementing comprehensive workplace interventions with attention to mobile workers. 4. Expand quality, gender responsive and youth friendly STI services including counseling and condom promotion to all health facilities and enhance utilization of services. 5. Increase the number of people who know their HIV status and who adopt appropriate measures to protect themselves and their partners from HIV. 6. Reduce the transmission of HIV from mothers to their children, during pregnancy, birth and/or breast-feeding and ensure entry into care and treatment for HIV-infected mothers and babies. 7. Increase the proportion of the sexually active adults especially in rural areas, who use condoms consistently and correctly and promote and expand the availability of female condoms as a female controlled and dual protection method. 8. Reduce the risk of HIV transmission through blood, non-observance of universal precautions, and through use of contaminated instruments.9 Emerging prevention interventions are introduced based on international scientific evidence.
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