Mbabane: NERCHA, 2014. 93 p.
Swaziland. National Emergency Response Council on HIV/AIDS, NERCHA
The National Operational Plan (NOP) operationalizes the Extended National Multisectorial HIV and AIDS Framework (eNSF) launched in April, 2014. It presents current and future efforts intended to align existing implementation efforts with the eNSF and establishes a platform for a common understanding in presenting a ‘national work plan’ on HIV and AIDS. This NOP narrative report outlines the process that was involved in compiling the National Operational Plan (NOP). It is accompanied by two CDs containing the NOP Activity Matrix and the NOP Targets. This NOP narrative report is structured as follows: The NOP user guidance is outlined in section 2. Section 3 describes the planning process of the NOP. Section 4 provides a summary description of the NOP Activity Matrix, as well as the costing of the NOP. The description of the NOP targets is summarized in section 5. The monitoring and evaluation process of the NOP is described in section 6. Sections 7 and 8 contain the strategic programme intervention as well as the management and coordination operational plans.
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