Kingston: 2003. 33 p.
Jamaica. Ministry of Health. Child Development Agency
Jamaica. Ministry of Health. National Steering Committee for Orphans and Other Children made Vulnerable by HIV/AIDS
This document represents the National Plan of Action for Orphans and Other Children Made Vulnerable by HIV/AIDS in Jamaica, 2003-2006. It is designed to support the Jamaica HIV/AIDS/STI National Strategic Plan, 2002-2006 (JHANSP), respond to the needs of the National Plan of Action for Children, and address pressing issues for improving the quality of life for orphans and other children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS (OVC) in Jamaica. Background on the status of the AIDS epidemic in the region and in Jamaica, as well as the status of the national response, is amply documented in the National Strategic Plan. As such, this document focuses on issues facing OVC and their caregivers in Jamaica, mindful of the cultural, social, economic and infrastructural realities.
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