Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security. 20 p.
Guyana. Ministry of Labour, Human Services and Social Security
The goal of this policy is to ensure that all children who are orphaned or vulnerable achieve their full potential through the creation of a supportive environment that upholds their right to survival, development, protection and participation. Five interlinked strategies will be used to guide the actions. 1. Strengthen the capacity of families to protect and care for orphans and vulnerable children by prolonging the lives of parents; by increasing parenting and relationship knowledge and skills; by providing economic, psychosocial and child-care support; by promoting participation of children and by helping young people acquire life skills. 2. Mobilize and support community-based responses, including engaging local leaders, enabling communities to understand and talk more openly about issues affecting children, organizing local resources to help vulnerable children and households, and supporting children without family care. 3. Ensuring access for orphans and vulnerable children to essential services, including access to education, health care, emergency food aid, safe drinking water, legal protection, and family placement. Ensure all births are registered. 4. Protect the most vulnerable children though improved enforceable policy and legislation; through national frameworks and by channelling resources to families and communities; through establishment of minimum standards and development of state institutions as best practice models; through adequate monitoring and evaluation. Establish mechanisms to ensure information exchange and collaboration of effort. Strengthen the Commission of the Rights of the Child. 5. Raise awareness at all levels to create a supportive environment for children and families affected by HIV and AIDS through advocacy and social mobilization; through training and sensitisation; through behaviour change communication for the reduction of stigma and discrimination; through enforceable legislation; through national frameworks; through improved coordination and partnerships.
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