2001. 21 p.
Moldova R. Government
The spreading of HIV/AIDS and STIs infections in Moldova during last years has got an epidemic character. As of 01.07.2000 a total cumulative number of 1110 cases of HIV have been officially reported with the Ministry of Health, 27 cases of AIDS and 21 death cases.The Republic of Moldova has the forth position on prevalence of HIVAIDS in population, after Russia, Ukraine and Belorusia.Practically, the epidemiological process is present in all territorial administrative areas. The situational analyses of the epidemics shows a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS among injecting drug users - 84 %. The sexual way of transmission has been registered in 14 % of all cases.The high level of sexual transmission, in particular of syphilis, chlamydia, trychomoniasis and the low level of diagnostics of STIs could condition a high spread level of HIV/AIDS by sexual way of transmission.The draft project of the National Program on Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS and STIs was developed on the basis of analyses of the existing epidemiological situation, response analysis of the activities implemented under the previous National Program 1995-2000, approved by the Government of Republic of Moldova in 1995, and other activities carried byNGOs and donor organizations. The National Team for Strategic Planning established within the framework of the project supported by the UN Theme Group on HIV/AIDS in Moldova with participation of the representatives of the ministries, departments and non-governmental organizations took part in the development of the program. The development and financing of the project, as well as technical advising on the project has been provided by UNAIDS.The project of the National Program is oriented and focused on improvement of situation, prevention of HIV/AIDS and STI infections among youth, vulnerable groups, first of all among injecting drug users, assuring of blood transfusion safety and others medical (surgical) interventions. Basic determinants, priority strategies included in the National Program are:1. Development and establishment of national policy in the filed of HIV/AIDS and STIs.2. Prevention of spreading of HIV/AIDS infections among injecting drug users.3. Prevention of spreading of HIV/AIDS and STIs infections among youth.4. Assuring the inofensivity of blood transfusions, medical services and medical interventions.5. Prevention of spreading of HIV/AIDS and STIs through sexual way of transimssion.6. Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS and STIs.7. Provision of medical and psycho-social assistance to people living with HIV/AIDS and tomembers of their families.8. Epidemiological surveillance and state monitoring of HIV/AIDS and STIs infections.
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