2010. 38 p.
This draft presents mains goals and objectives of the second National Strategic Frameword (NSF) against AIDS (2010-2015). The NSF II provides a common outline and infrastructure for developing the multisectoral National Strategic Plan (NSP). This process fosters the greatest potential to achieving effective control of the HIV epidemic by reducing new infections, providing equitable care and support for those infected and affected, and mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS. The NSF defines objectifs and indicators in six thematic areas: 1. Behavior Change and Prevention of New HIV infections. 2. Treatment of HIV/AIDS and Related Health Conditions. 3. Care and Support for People Infected and Affected by HIV/AIDS and Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC). 4. Institutional Arrangements, Infrastructure Requirements, and Human and Financial Resource Issues. 5. Policy, Advocacy, Legal Issues, and Human Rights. 6. Monitoring and Evaluation, Research, and Knowledge Management.
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