Pretoria: 2010. 452 p.
South African National AIDS Council, SANAC
The aim of the mid-term review was to: assess the implementation of the NSP through a forward looking review that will document achievements, lessons learnt, gaps, constraints, challenges and opportunities at provincial, sectoral and national levels in relation to the four priority areas of the NSP, and make recommendations for strengthening and improving the HIV response. The review's specific objectives were: - To review progress made towards achieving the stated targets for prevention, treatment, care and support, and access to human rights and justice; - To review management, coordination and institutional arrangements at all levels that facilitated or hampered implementation of the NSP; - To review existing monitoring and evaluation practices, including research and surveillance and how they have contributed to evidence informed policies and/or responses; - To make recommendations on all of the above objectives and how the national, provincial and sectoral responses could be improved in the remaining period of the current NSP.
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