National AIDS Authority, 2006. 51 p.
Cambodia. National AIDS Authority
The National Strategic Plan for a Comprehensive and Multisectoral Response to HIV/AIDS 2006- 2010, or NSP-II, builds on the first National Strategic Plan and includes specific objectives, strategies, and an operational plan with broad activities of all stakeholders, from government, the private sector and civil society. As part of the Third National Strategic Development Plan for 2006-2010, it will contribute to the joint efforts that respond to HIV/AIDS. The NSP-II has been developed in a participatory manner, through review and revision of the first NSP. The overall process was chaired by the National AIDS Authority; supervised by a Core Group consisting of national stakeholders, development partners, civil society organisations and people affected by HIV/AIDS.The overall goals of the National Strategic Plan 2006-2010 are:To reduce new infections of HIV;To provide care and support to people living with and affected by HIV/AIDS;To alleviate the socio-economic and human impact of AIDS on the individual, family, community, and society.Strategies of the National Strategic Plan are similar as those for NSP-1, but more specific:Increased coverage of effective prevention interventions and additional interventions developedIncreased coverage of effective interventions for comprehensive care and support and additional interventions developedIncreased coverage of effective interventions for impact mitigation and additional interventions developedIncreased capacity of government sectors and civil society - at central and local levels - to respond to HIV/AIDSA supportive legal and public policy environment for the HIV/AIDS responseIncreased availability of information for policy makers and programme planners through monitoring, evaluation and researchIncreased, sustainable and equitably allocated resources for the national response
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