Bhutan. Government, 2008. 75 p.
Bhutan. Government
The National Strategic Plan for the Prevention and Control of STIs and HIV and AIDS (NSP) is intended to guide the nation's response to the epidemic. It aims to ensure a well coordinated effective and efficient response from the Ministry of Health/National STI and HIV and AIDS Prevention and Control Programme and other ministries, organizations and stakeholders. As no single sector can by itself overcome the epidemic, HIV and AIDS should not be viewed as a health problem but as a development crisis. A national concerted effort involving the contributions of multiple sectors and stakeholders shall be the key to fighting the HIV and AIDS epidemic in Bhutan. This framework shall serve as a basis for developing individual sectoral plans. The NSP aims to: 1) Integrate STI and HIV prevention into the core activities of multi-sectoral partners; 2) Create a supportive environment that facilitates the implementation of programmes and services, and reduces stigma and discrimination towards women and men living with oráaffected by HIV and AIDS; 3) Improve the quality and coverage of the national response to HIV and AIDS and STIs.
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