National AIDS Control Programme, 2010. 56 p.
Pakistan. National AIDS Control Programme
The National Strategy for Female Sex Work in Pakistan is an elaboration of one of the identified priority areas of the National HIV & AIDS Strategic Framework 2007-2012. The objectives of the strategy are: 1. To improve the conduct of a) The mapping of the female sex trade in terms of location, categories of sex workers, estimation of numbers in each category, volume of sex work, and gatekeepers and b) Baseline assessments. 2. To create an enabling environment in which rules, regulations and services are provided to female sex workers that respect and protect their rights, remove stigma and discrimination and support them in preventing HIV transmission. 3. To reduce the vulnerability of female sex workers, their clients and their partners for HIV transmission. 4. To increase access of female sex workers to quality STI, reproductive health and primary health care services. 5. To mobilize and empower female sex workers to enable them to participate in all levels of decision-making regarding their own lives and working conditions. 6. To strengthen the management and implementation capacity of institutions carrying out interventions with female sex workers.
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