Ministry of Health, 2003. 65 p.
Albania. Institute of Public Health
The National Strategy of Prevention and Control of HIV/AIDS in Albania (NSPCHA) is designed based on the following principles:- NSPCHA will help in the management, coordination and orientation of the work of government, non-governmental and international organizations with activities in the area of prevention and control of HIV/AIDS in Albania.- NSPCHA is a comprehensive document using a multifaceted approach to HIV prevention addressing the individual, community, societal and structural level prevention and control needs.- The strategy will be reviewed and, eventually, modified bi-annually based on dataprovided from monitoring and evaluation process, changes in epidemiological situation, findings of research and scientific work, and possible organizational opportunities.- NSPCHA will ensure the continuity of the work of all organizations and structures involved in the area of prevention, care, and control of HIV/AIDS in Albania. It will reflect recommendations of international organizations (UNAIDS and WHO, in particular) as well as previous National HIV/AIDS Conferences.- NSPCHA creates a supportive environment and will guarantee the respect for human rights and places such value in the center of all HIV prevention, care andcontrol activities.- NSPCHA will ensure that HIV prevention and control programs do the utmost to prevent and control HIV/AIDS based on available resources.- NSPCHA recognizes the importance of risky behaviors and the role of stigma and discrimination as a barrier to deliver highly effective programs of prevention, care and treatment. On the other hand, the NSPCHA views non-response to the specific needs of at-risk and vulnerable or marginalized groups as covert discrimination through neglect and will therefore focus on developing appropriate responses to their needs.- NSPCH recognizes the importance of gender based HIV prevention and control programs stressing out gender equality and empowerment of women- NSPCHA addresses HIV/AIDS prevention and control as multidimensional problem related not only to health and in conjunction with all partners at all levels in the public, private and non profit sector and in coherence with other existing country strategies.
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