Ministry of Labour and Social Security, 2008. 28 p.
Jamaica. Ministry of Labour and Social Security
The National Workplace Policy on HIV/AIDS is a framework for action by government, employers and workers to deal effectively with HIV/AIDS at the workplace. The policy takes into consideration the effects of HIV/AIDS on the most productive segment of the workforce and as such, views the problems associated with HIV/AIDS in terms of the significant negative implications they hold for production and national development. It accepts that proper management of the situation will benefit all stakeholders in the society by safeguarding production and national development. It is expected that the policy will: Assist in the development of a caring, supportive and responsible working environment that will protect all workers; Reduce HIV/AIDS related stigma and discrimination; and assist in the reduction of HIV/AIDS transmission. The policy applies to all workers: Current and prospective workers in the public and private sectors; All workplaces and contracts of employment including those persons working in the informal sector and the self-employed; All employers and/or contractors of labour in the public and private sectors.
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