2008. 44 p.
Nepal. National Centre for AIDS and STD Control
This advocacy plan provides comprehensive guidelines to the concerned advocacy group/s to concentrate their efforts to ensure change. It explains the major issue that need to be addressed by the advocates as the specific target area on which advocacy needs to be continued. This Advocacy Plan has been developed to strongly support the implementation of the National Action Plan on AIDS 2008-2011 and thereby accelerate an expanded response on HIV and AIDS in Nepal. This Advocacy Plan is based on a gap analysis process, which was particularly comprehensive and participatory in nature, based on formal and informal discussions and consultations with stakeholders at different levels, as well as observation and literature review. Gaps were identified in a number of areas, and advocacy issues were specified. The major areas objectively selected and the advocacy gaps identified include: 1. Legal Framework: Constitution, Laws, Acts, Rules and regulations. 2. Government's Policies and Strategies: Government's share in response to HIV, mainstreaming HIV in development, communication policies, social policies, child policy and workplace policy. 3. Government System: Improving health systems, decentralization and multisectoral response. 4. Institutional Structures and Coordination: Leadership, Management and Coordination.
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