2013. 8 p.
Hoyos, Juan
Fernández-Balbuena, Sonia
de la Fuente, Luis
Sordo, Luis
Ruiz, Mónica
Barrio, Gregorio
Belza, María José
Madrid Rapid HIV Testing Group
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Journal of the International AIDS Society, 16
Increasing the uptake of HIV testing and decreasing the number of undiagnosed people is a priority for HIV prevention. Understanding the barriers that hinder people from testing is vital, particularly when working with especially vulnerable populations like migrants. Barriers to HIV testing in Latin-American migrants living in Europe remain unexplored. Still, they account for a quarter of new diagnosis in Spain and suffer higher rates of delayed diagnosis. Between May 2008 and March 2011, a mobile unit offered free rapid HIV tests in different Spanish cities. The study compared the prevalence of no previous testing and described differences in perceived barriers to testing in Latin-American migrants living in Spain versus Spaniards. Participants included men who have sex with men (MSM), men who have sex exclusively with women (MSW), and women. The conclusion of the study was that Latin-American migrants living in Spain were more likely to get tested than Spaniards. Regardless of nationality, low perceived risk was the main barrier to testing whereas fear of stigma or discrimination and fear of legal problems were merely incidental.
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