2005. 94 p.
Nigeria. National Action Committee on AIDS
Draft II
The National Response Review of HIV and AIDS in Nigeria (NRR) in 2001 to 2004, is an end product of combined effort and support of various organizations and individuals. The NRR provided the basis for the development of the National Strategic Framework for HIV and AIDS (NSF) in Nigeria 2005 to 2009. Key findings are: - Prevention: Young people especially women below the age of 24 years are among the most vulnerable groups with HIV prevalence rates of 6%, higher the national average of 5%. - Care and support: Many treatment centers have exceeded their quotas and about 17 000 people are currently receiving ARVs. - Regional Programmes: There is significant progress in HIV and AIDS programmes targeted at Armed Forces, Police, and Immigration Personnel. - Coordination and Institutional Arrangements: Effective coordination and institutional management is at the center of an effective national response to the epidemic.
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