UNESCAP, 2010. 88 p.
Knodel, John
Kespichayawattana, Jiraporn
Saengtienchai, Chanpen
Wiwatwanich, Suvinee
United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
This publication presents the findings of the study on older-age parents and the AIDS epidemic in Thailand: changing impacts in the era of antiretroviral therapy to assist policymakers addressing similar contextual environments to further understand the epidemic, its impact on elderly caregivers and their contributions, especially by their assisting with treatment adherence. The report represents one of the few research studies that focuses on the impact of HIV and AIDS on the lives of persons living with HIV/AIDS and their families in the region and on the potential of family members for assisting with treatment programs. It serves to fill the gap in the dearth of research on the role of older aged parents in the AIDS epidemic, in particular in the context of the increasing availability of antiretroviral therapy.
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