National AIDS Programme, 2010. 19 p.
Maldives. National AIDS Programme
The National Strategic Plan P 2007-11 aims to limit HIV transmission, provide care for infected people, and mitigate the impact of the epidemic through seven strategic directions: 1. Provide age- and gender-appropriate prevention and support services to key populations at higher risk: drug users, sex workers and men who have sex with men; 2. Reduce and prevent vulnerability to HIV infection in adolescents and young people; 3. Provide HIV prevention services in the workplace for highly vulnerable workers; 4. Provide treatment, care and support services to people living with HIV; 5. Ensure safe practices in the healthcare system; 6. Build and strengthen capacity and commitment to lead, coordinate and provide a comprehensive response to the epidemic; 7. Strengthen the strategic information system to respond to the epidemic. For each strategy, the key objective has been included. The key objectives are broad statements of what each strategy seeks to achieve. The Operational Plan sets outs activities which will be undertaken to achieve each objective. The expected results of these activities have been defined as strategic outcomes representing end results of achievements.
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