New York: International Women's Health Coalition, IWHC. 8 p.
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Oubliés et laissés dans l'ombre : santé et droits sexuels et génésiques des jeunes adolescents
Sin atención ni información: la salud y los derechos sexuales y reproductivos de adolescentes jóvenes
Negligenciados e desinformados: saúde e direitos sexuais reprodutivos dos adolescentes jovens
Dixon-Mueller, Ruth
International Women's Health Coalition, IWHC
Overlooked and Uninformed: Young Adolescents' Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights is a short informational brief focusing on young adolescents across the world and their needs to know about their bodies and their sexual rights and responsibilities. It aims to inform policymaking on the importance to include 10-14 years old adolescents in programs and policy regarding sexual and reproductive health and rights. The document states that all young people need information and skills to protect themselves from harm and to make free, informed, and responsible sexual and reproductive decisions. Amongst other, it suggest an improvement of an early and universal access to accurate and comprehensive sexuality education, as well as non-judgmental health service that recognize and meet the needs of young adolescents, before and after they become sexually active.
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